We can probably all agree on one thing: we have too much stuff. That doesn’t mean it’s not valuable; it’s just too much to keep in one place. So do you find a self storage unit, or use an iCan? Consider the pros and cons of both.

Portable Storage

Typically more cost-effective than renting a storage unit, storage containers like iCans are probably the cheapest real estate per square foot you can find.

No need to rent and drive a big truck, load and unload it at a facility. The container comes to you.

 – Easy to load since it’s on the ground. No ramps to push couches up.


iCan delivery system gets into narrow driveways


– If you’re planning to visit your items frequently, self-storage is for you; but make sure the hours of operation fit your needs.

When you’re ready to clear, iCan is there. Call us!