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iCan Storage Moving Services

With iCan Storage, do-it-yourself moving has never been easier. Have you ever rented a moving truck before? Remember the hassle of renting the moving truck, counting your miles and fuel levels, frantically loading and unloading, and racing the clock to get the truck back on time? We remember it too. Moving is a lot of work! Why not make things a whole lot easier with iCan’s convenient and flexible moving storage containers, serving New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and surrounding areas. Compare iCAN vs moving PODs®.


You call, we deliver your moving storage container, you load on your own time, and we pick it up. Now, doesn’t that just sound so much nicer? Take a day, take a week – you can even take a month or longer to pack your portable storage container. As much time as you need is fine with us, as long as it’s fine with your locality!


Flexibility in schedule is not the only way that iCan Storage makes moving easier. Aside from the fact that you won’t have to worry about driving some gigantic moving truck across town and unload it once you get there, you will also have peace of mind in the security and safety of your belongings with iCan moving storage containers. iCans come in two sizes. While they’re both 8’ high by 8’ wide, you can choose between 16’ or 20’ in length.

The following features of our mobile storage units protect them from the elements and theft, and contribute to their all-around awesomeness:

  • Solid Construction: iCan moving storage containers are made of solid, powder-coated steel
  • Heavy-Duty: Steel frames, walls and weatherstripped, locking doors provide durable protection, unlike wooden or plastic storage containers which allow absorption of water into the storage container and your belongings
  • Embedded Metal Skids: Give 4” of clearance, keeping your items off the ground and dry
  • Shielded, Screened Vents: Allow airflow through your portable storage container while providing protection against the weather and insects
  • Slip-Resistant & Waterproof Floors: Avoid accidents with safety-enhanced, gripping floors on the inside of our portable storage units
  • Patented Horizontal Lift SystemEliminates tilting and swaying when we lift and lower your container, minimizing shifting of your belongings
  • Accessible Locking Doors: ON BOTH SIDES of the storage container, allowing you easy access to your items
  • Small Spaces System: our iBot will get your portable storage container into your parking lot spot without disturbing the neighbors
  • One Key: It’s yours, all yours, and it’s the only one there is – keep it safe!

Whether you are in need of residential moving services, or if you are student, Realtor or contractor planning your next move, New York based iCan Storage is here to help!