Portable Storage Container Rental New York NY


iCan Portable Storage Container Rental 

Whether you need short-term or long-term storage in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and surrounding areas, iCan Storage portable storage container units provide flexible and convenient solutions – no matter what you are storing. Furniture, boxes, tools, building materials, and pretty much anything you can think of can be stored in an iCan portable storage unit. We wouldn’t recommend keeping Babe Ruth’s autographed baseball or your prized Van Gogh in an iCan, but then again, we do offer affordable storage tenant insurance plans to protect your belongings against theft or damage. Compare iCan vs Storage Pods®.

Secure Portable Storage

When it comes to safety and security, our portable storage containers and secure storage facility are built to protect your stored contents against the elements and against theft. Heavy-duty steel construction with secure locking doors allows you and only you access to your belongings, because only you have the key. For helpful direction on how to properly and safely pack your storage container, visit the Packing Tips page.

Security-Enhanced iCan Storage Facility

Not only do our expertly-designed self storage containers protect your belongings, but our secure storage facility offers peace of mind when you store with us. Here are just a few of our onsite enhanced security features;

  • Climate-Controlled Storage:Our facility maintains a temperature of 55 to 80 degrees  with low humidity to protect your belongings against weather damage
  • Locked Warehouse: Offers secure access and protection – contact us 48 hours in advance to access your storage items
  • Automatic Sprinkler System: Protects our facility – and your belongings – against the threat of fire damage
  • Video Surveillance:Keeps an eye over the entire facility and your stored items.

Once your iCan portable storage container is stored in our facility, you can access your items when you want to – just give us 24 hours notice so we can arrange for your visit. If you decide you want 24/7 access to your iCan, no problem – you can keep it at your home. Or give us a call and we can easily deliver it for the time you need it and pick it back up when you’re done.

With this much flexibility, convenience and efficiency in all aspects of our portable storage systems, New York based iCan portable storage container rentals are ideal for all types of storage; residential, student, Realtor or contractor.