Why iCan?

iCan Storage Comparison List




All Steel Construction – Frames, Doors and WallsYesNoNo
Locking Doors on Both EndsYesNoNo
Waterproof, Slip-Resistant FloorsYesNoNo
Patented Horizontal Lift SystemYesNoNo
No Rush to Return RentalYesYesNo
Twenty Foot Size AvailableYesNoYes
Ground Level LoadingYesYesNo
Leave the Driving to UsYesYesNo

iCan Storage Comparison List

All Steel Construction – Frames, Doors and WallsYesNoNo
Locking Doors on Both Ends YesNoNo
Waterproof, Slip-Resistant Floors YesNoNo
Patented Horizontal Lift System YesNoNo
No Rush to Return Rental YesYesNo
Twenty Foot Size Available YesNoYes
Ground Level Loading YesYesNo
Leave the Driving to Us YesYesNo

iCan Storage vs. PODS®

Sure, you’ve heard of storage and moving PODS®, but big doesn’t always mean better. In fact, a small, family-owned and operated business is often the best place to find true customer service, advice, and attention to detail – just check our reviews.

We expertly designed our portable storage and moving containers from the ground up to provide our customers with unmatched levels of safety and security every step of the way. Here’s a blog comparison to PODS® that we compiled.

Let’s dig in a little deeper and see why iCan Storage is the choice for your moving and storage needs.

The iCan Container Features

  • Solid Construction: Powder-coated steel portable storage container construction prevents water absorption, provides enhanced security.
  • Heavy-Duty: All steel frames, walls and doors – no translucent roof protects against sun damage.
  • Shielded Vents: Allows airflow while protecting your storage items against the elements.
  • Accessible Locking Doors on Both Sides: Designed for maximum security and easy accessibility.


  • Steel Frame with Wooden Interior, Corrugated Plastic: Their storage pods do not protect against water absorption, are prone to leaks, and easy to break through.
  • Translucent Roof: Their storage pods allow sunrays to penetrate and damage furniture and other storage items.
  • All Wooden Interior: Their storage pods do not allow for airflow throughout mobile storage unit.
  • Lightweight Steel Roll-Up Door on Front: Their storage pods are only accessible via front door.

With iCan mobile storage units, our customers can have confidence in knowing that their belongings will be not only well-protected from adverse weather conditions, but easy to access with two secure locking doors.

What about moving? iCan beats PODS® hands down.

Moving to or from an apartment or condo? Don’t even try to get PODS® into your parking spot – they need space on both sides for their gigantic PODZILLA®. But iCan’s iBot Small Spaces System was designed with the small-move customer in mind. We are the only local container company with the ability to place containers in spaces with only a couple feet of clearance.


  • Small Spaces System: Our  iBot can put a container right into your parking spot – without moving your neighbors’ cars.
  • Patented Horizontal Lift System: Hydraulic lifting system eliminates tilting and rolling, helps keep your storage items safe and free from damage during loading.


  • PODZILLA®: Their moving pods cannot fit into small spaces. They need maximum clearance to access mobile storage container and lift onto truck.
  • Chain Suspension Lifting: Their moving pods do not prevent against tilting, rolling and shifting during lifting and loading onto truck.

iCan Storage provides innovations in design and maneuverability to the mobile storage industry that make portable storage rental and transportation a breeze. Want to learn more about what sets iCan apart from the rest, companies such as MiBox, 1-800-Pack-Rat, Go Mini’s, and Units? Contact us – we are more than happy to talk about the benefits and advantages of iCan’s mobile storage systems!

PODS® is a registered trademark of PODS Enterprises, LLC.
U-Haul® is a registered trademark of U-Haul International, Inc.

iCan’s exterior container measurements are: 20′ unit-231″L x 93″W x 96″H and 16′ unit-192″L x 93″W x 96″H