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About Us

Price, quality, service – you can have all three.

We’re a family business with a mission: to make life easier for our clients by providing prompt, professional service, driven by integrity and ethics. Our mobile storage containers and moving products are state of the art and our customer service is second to none. Our goal is to deliver a level of quality and service where every client we encounter has a positive experience with iCan and would subsequently recommend us and our mobile storage container solutions without hesitation.

Meet our Team!

Judy Klein


Judy is at the center of the iCan experience. As owner and founder, Judy pivoted into the portable storage industry after thirty years of business ownership in the corporate world. Her forte is attention to detail and closing the loop, which is why your iCan service experience will exceed your expectations. She’s the one who keeps all the balls in the air – from customer service to networking and marketing to billables and payables – to driving the forklift, because small business ownership means you do it all. When she’s not playing with containers, you’re likely to find her outdoors doing something involving a helmet. .

David Klein


Judy captains the ship – David sets the course.  He’s the 30,000 foot guy.  He’s also the one to do “everything  else” – business development, website, phones, build containers, fix the printer. After years in the tech industry working with Judy, David is energized by this new venture. If he isn’t doing something iCan related, you’ll find Pops hanging out with the grandkids or manning the BBQ at a Giants tailgate on gameday..
Mikey Klein


Mikey Is the guy that makes things move. You’ll see him in the warehouse, on the truck and running the forklift. He also produces the videos seen in our advertisements. Prior to getting started at iCan he made a living snowboarding in Vermont. In his free time he likes to ride bicycles, and is currently on a quest to climb the hardest mountain in each state of the Northeast.

Josh Klein


Chances are good that you will meet Josh at some point during your tenure as an iCan client. His name might be signed at the bottom of an email, he might answer the phone when you call, or he might personally make your delivery. As a founding member of this family business, he is proud to handle all of these responsibilities. In his “free time” he is a family man, tag-teaming with his wife to chase two toddlers around every playground in the county, and he tries not to get too rusty at things like drumming and snowboarding. Nobody’s taken a picture of him in a while, so here’s an old, old photo of him from high school.  Ugh, look at that smirk.



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