Portable storage containers offer a great solution for anyone looking to store and transport items during a house move. The container is delivered and then you are free to fill it as you please before it is picked up and transported to your new home.

It is an easy process that holds plenty of benefits but there are definitely some key considerations to make to ensure a successful experience. From choosing the correct size container for your needs, to storing the right items in the right way, we’ve put together a list of the do’s and don’ts when using one of our storage containers. 

Get a Correct Size of a Portable Storage Container

One of the first decisions you will make is choosing the right size of your portable storage container for your needs. Your container needs to be big enough for everything to fit, but shouldn’t be too big as to have paid for space you don’t need. A 16ft x 8ft sized storage space should be big enough to store everything from a one bedroom apartment. If you’re still unsure, try this calculator.

Stack Your Items Strategically

Storing your items strategically is the key to a successful storage experience. Not only will it help to avoid damage but it will also free up more space in your container. Store heavier items evenly at the bottom and lighter, breakable items above. Never stack something on top of an item that is loose or moveable to avoid falls and breakages.

The best approach to storing your items is to start at the back of your container and stack from the ground up. Once you have a wall of items, move further along the container continuing the same process. Make sure to store frequently used items at the front where you can easily reach them. Following this simple method avoids having to climb over your storage contents, which is both dangerous and potentially damaging to your items.  

Secure Your Items 

As well as stacking your items correctly, you might also want to spend some time ensuring that everything is secure and solid before storing – you don’t want your items falling over and getting damaged during transport. Box smaller items up in strong, secure boxes and use bubble wrap and to make sure their items are safe inside. And without a doubt, use straps and pads to make sure larger items are fully secured. Our containers have convenient “D-rings” along the sides to help you with securement.

Lock Your Storage Container

Your portable storage unit should be locked at all times using a high quality lock. Likewise, be selective about who you entrust with the keys and only give them to people you know and trust. That’s one of the iCan advantages – only YOU have the key. 

Don’t Store Perishable Items

This sounds obvious but you’d be surprised how easy it is to forget about things when moving all your items into a storage container. Perishables such as food or plants should never be stored as they will spoil and begin to smell bad. Mold may begin to form in extreme cases and could damage and stain your items and attract unwanted pests. Always double check any boxes you store and remove any perishables you find. 

Don’t Store Hazardous or Dangerous Items

Items that are flammable or explosive should absolutely be avoided when using a storage container. This includes gas canisters, chemicals, oils or aerosol cans. The only safe way to roll down the road with your unit is WITHOUT hazardous materials.

Don’t Put Your Portable Container Just Anywhere

The placement of your portable storage container is absolutely crucial. With our double doors on both ends, you’ll be able to easily access your belongings in the most direct route. Units are best placed in driveways – but if you want an alternate placement, we’ll try our best to work with you, within the bounds of safety. It’s best to think about placement in detail and talk to us during the delivery planning process. 

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