One of the toughest rooms to pack when moving is your bedroom. This is a space filled with all kinds of difficult to pack items – none more so than your wardrobe. Packing and storing your clothing can be a long and difficult process and it might seem overwhelming to begin with. Luckily, there are plenty of savvy storage tips and tricks that anyone can do to take the stress out of getting your wardrobe ready for a storage container. 

Take All The Clothes Out

The first step is taking all of your clothes out from your dresser drawers and assessing what you have. Most people will have so many clothes that they don’t use regularly and it’s easy to forget about what you have. Next you can decide whether to sell or throw away, or box up, ready for moving to your new home.

Sell or Gift The Clothes You Do Not Need

For clothes that no longer fit or for items that no longer fit your style, it’s always a good idea to sell them. You might choose to do this online on a buying and selling website of your choice, or by holding your own garage sale or taking them to a clothes exchange. Selling your clothes not only frees up space and reduces the amount of storage needed when moving, but it also helps to make some extra money. And for anything that doesn’t sell, there are always social media sites for giving things away locally for free, like Buy Nothing. 

  Girl holding a donation box with clothes

Wash or Dry-Clean Clothing

Pack clean! It’s common for clothes to retain orders if they’ve been left too long, or worn and put away without washing, so we’d always recommend cleaning or dry-cleaning them when you have the chance. This should be done prior to storage to avoid odors building up and unpleasant smelling clothes when you unpack.. 

Use Wardrobe Boxes

A garment box – sometimes referred to as a wardrobe box – is a box that is specifically designed to transfer and store items that require a clothing rail. These boxes come with a built in rail and will ensure clothing isn’t creased or folded when you unpack in your new home. Awkward or bulky shaped items such as shoes can even be stored in the bottom of the box.  

Garment box with clothes inside

Wrap Hanging Clothes

If you can’t find any wardrobe boxes, the next best thing is a garbage bag! Hanging clothes can be transported and stored by grouping them together and pulling a garbage bag up and over them from the bottom up. Simply tie the bag just below the hook and you’ve got a makeshift storage solution that will keep your clothes clean and tidy. 

Use Vacuum or Compression Bags

Space is always a concern when it comes to storing your clothing and one of the best solutions is to invest in vacuum sealed bags. Not only will they help to reduce your clothing to the smallest possible size, but they will also offer protection from dirt, moisture or pests.

Clothing is Heavy, Use Small Boxes

To save one space in your moving storage container and to make sure your boxes aren’t too heavy, it’s always best to use smaller boxes. The weight of clothing will increase once you have a number of items together and it will be easier to lift and transport more smaller boxes rather than fewer big ones.

Use Your Dresser Drawers

A lesser known space saving tip – use your drawers to store your clothing! There’s no point in your dressers sitting empty while in a storage container, so you may as well use them to store your clothing. Not only will this save you space, but it also means you’re already unpacked when it comes to moving-in day. It will make your dresser heavy though – so consider carrying each drawer into your new home separately!

Use Your Clothing to Protect Furniture

Have you got items of clothing that you don’t really use and you wouldn’t mind if they got a bit of wear and tear? Use them for extra padding when transporting and storing your other breakables such as furniture or ornaments. Simply wash them and put them back in your dresser drawers when they’ve done their job, or throw them away if they’re no longer needed. Same goes for comforters and blankets; they make excellent furniture pads.

Use Moving Storage Containers From iCan

iCan offers a wide range of fully flexible storage container solutions for moving and for storing your home’s contents during a move. We’ll simply deliver the container onsite and take it away once it has been packed and loaded. Then, we’ll bring it to your new home when you’re ready.

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