Lately, we’ve been dropping off iCans in a lot of unusual places. Public streets, condo developments, the back of a shopping center, even a sidewalk – apparently anyplace is fair game, as long as you have a permit, because chances are iCan can make it work! Check out these unusual locations that have hosted iCans:

You might not expect to see an iCan on a public street, but with a permit, here it is!

iCan on a public street

How about a sidewalk? Even more unlikely – but once again, with permission, YES!

iCan on a sidewalk

Condo developments can be tricky, but with our iBot system, chances are we can get it in!

iBot system

How about behind your store? The iBot strikes again, going off-road.

iCan behind store

iCan. We’re “out-standing” in the field!

iCan in the field

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