It’s the dog days of summer, the time when we are deeply grateful if we have air conditioning in our homes, and deeply aversive of going out into the humidity. But what about your stuff in storage? We’ve all seen it: self-storage and even portable storage places that advertise “climate controlled.” If you’re like me, you’d think that means air conditioned – but it ain’t necessarily so, and moreover, it ain’t necessarily necessary.

We did some homework and inquired with the folks who advertised “climate control” exactly what that meant. The answers ranged from “temperature monitored” to outright falsehoods (saying they had A/C when they didn’t – because then we checked with the landlord!), to my personal favorite, “climate controlled – by God!” Since the answers varied, we decided it’s more important to get to the point: is air conditioning necessary?

Short answer: no. We’ve spent the month of July carefully watching the temperature and humidity in our warehouse and no matter how hot it got outside (95 degrees with a “real feel” of 100), our warehouse stayed a comfy 85. More importantly, the hotter it got outside, the lower the humidity got in our warehouse. Already in the “COMFORTABLE” range when it was 75 degrees out, humidity dipped down into the “DRY” range when the weather warmed up. PERFECT.

Weather                             Temparature

And let’s face it, if you grew up in Queens, NY like me, your apartment NEVER went below 85 in the summer – plus you dealt with high humidity. Your stuff at iCan gets better treatment than a kid in Queens!

Bottom line: we keep your iCan in the comfortable range of 50-85 degrees with low humidity, without A/C. We’ll still tell you not to put your Picasso in an iCan, but the rest of your stuff is safe.

Stay cool, friends!