We get a lot of questions about packing an iCan – how to distribute the weight, whether to take apart furniture, how to maximize use of the container – which is why we have a “packing tips” section on the website. But you want details, don’t you. You want to be King of the iCan – so here’s a leg up.

Firstly, pack heavy things first, and balance out the weight so if there’s something heavy on the left, put something heavy on the right. If your couch has the kind of armrest that permits this, consider putting the couch “on end” in the iCan which will really make great use of headroom. Take legs off tables if possible; it conserves space and is a safer way to pack. Use moving blankets or plastic wrap for the best protection.

Secondly, pack boxes on top of furniture, with the heaviest ones toward the bottom and the lighter ones as you go up.  Remember to use smaller boxes for heavier things, so you don’t wind up with a refrigerator box filled with books, because you’ll have trouble lifting that even with our amazing Shoulder Dolly. Use clothing as packing materials – you’re taking those T shirts anyway, why not use them to cushion your dinnerware along the way – and pack boxes fully so things don’t slosh around.

Third, remember your iCan is steel – which means you can use magnetic hooks to sling lighter items up near the ceiling, like that beach umbrella. Try those “rare earth” (neodymium) magnets that the kids were so crazy about a year or so ago.

Lastly, use the tie-down rings on the sides of your iCan to keep everything tight.

There, now you’re King of the iCan!