What a weekend iCan Storage just had – we exhibited at the Suburban Home Show at Rockland Community College and had the great pleasure of meeting literally hundreds of homeowners, contractors, restoration pros, Realtors, and the baker of the most amazing (and biggest) eclairs I’ve ever seen.

We learned a lot too. For starters, it turns out a whole lot of you are moving to North Carolina. It made us glad that we’ve partnered with Shleppers for the long distance moves. Here’s how that works: first, you listen to your Realtor and “pre-pack” your house (they call it “de-cluttering” but we know it’s your precious memories going in that iCan, not “clutter.”)  Then, we move the whole shebang to our secure warehouse. Finally, when you sell your house and are ready to go, just call us. We’ll give you a choice: if you’re moving within 275 miles, we can bring your iCan straight to your new place. If you’re going further, like to North Carolina, we’ll hook you up with our long distance mover, who will either empty your iCan right at our warehouse, or right from your driveway. Either way, all your stuff gets to where you’re going, safely and efficiently.

Home shows – they’re educational, social, and just so much fun.