tie downsYes, iCan transports your container smoothly and levelly – but if there’s a hill anywhere between your house and our warehouse, at some point your iCan is going to be on a slant. That’s where tie-downs come in: they hook into D-rings inside the iCan and, when used properly, keep your items right where you put them. But how many do you need, where do you get them, and how do you use them?

You can always use ¼ nylon rope to loop through the D-rings and wrap around your boxes and furniture, and it’s probably the most cost-effective solution. Have at least 100’ on hand because, just as with cushioning materials, more is always better. Any home repair store has them by the mile, just find someone to measure out the length you need.

Your next option is a ratchet strap with hooks on both ends. The hooks slip neatly into the D-rings on the sides of the iCan (we’ve designed our iCans with 6-8 D-rings on each side) and the ratchets lock them down. We recommend at least a 12 foot strap, which gives you the option of stretching them straight across the iCan to form a “wall,” or wrap them around your furniture that you’ve placed along the sides of your iCan to pull the furniture in tight. You’ll probably need between 4 and 8 tie-downs to keep things in place. iCan offers the option of renting or purchasing these essential items so there’s no need to start searching – we’ll bring them along with your iCan.

Now that’s a tight solution!