Tax time is days away, and when you’ve got all those returns filed and the supporting documents tucked away safely, the question always arises: how long do I have to keep this stuff?
How Long Do I Keep This Stuff?
We did a little research and Forbes Magazine had some great answers. Answers plural – because you need to keep different documents for different lengths of time. Read on and then, when you’ve decided what should stay and what should go, remember the very important advice given in the last paragraph of this article: “When you’re ready to toss those old records, have a shredder handy. Remember that your records have personally identifying information, as well as details about your finances, that you want to keep private and away from potential identity thieves.”

And that’s why iCan is hosting a

10 am – 1pm at iCan Storage
135 N. R. 9W, Congers, NY

Sponsored by Master Networks and hosted by iCan, residents and local business are invited to bring their sensitive documents and watch as they are shredded in a truck-mounted shredder.

Limit 3 boxes per person – No Metal Pendaflex Folders – No Plastic Bags – YES FUN!

And for everything else that can’t or shouldn’t be shredded, you can keep it safe in an iCan!