CharlieOrder an iCan and chances are it will show up with a bonus: Charlie, the iCan office and truck buddy. Technically Charlie belongs to our driver Mikey and his wife Gaby, but Charlie is as much a part of iCan as the forklift and phone. But why did iCan decide from the beginning to go pet-friendly?

Easy. Study after study shows that dogs in the workplace are great stress-relievers. In fact, according to a 2012 report in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management, on-the-job stress levels fell among employees at Replacements, Ltd., a retailer of fine china, crystal and silverware. On top of that, pet friendly offices make it easier for employees to work longer days because they don’t have to rush home to Fido; and to boot, theyemployees at Replacements, Ltd work more productively because they’re not worrying about their furry friend. Banfield Pet Hospital’s recent pet-friendly workplace PAWrometer study showed that millennials in particular consciously view a pet-friendly workplace as a benefit that gives them a greater work-life balance. But perhaps best of all, pets improve employee morale, collaboration, and team building.
So when you call iCan, you don’t just get an iCan: you get Charlie – and all the positive vibes he creates in his humans. Good dog!