We hear it all the time at iCan: you need to de-clutter (or pre-pack before marketing your house) and you don’t even know where to begin. We get it – they say that packing for a move requires 300,000 decisions. 300,000 decisions! You just might need a professional organizer. But how does that work? We talked with Jean Marie Herron of POSSE and got the scoop.Jean Marie

iCan: Can you explain exactly what POSSE is?

Jean Marie: POSSE is a residential organizing company. POSSE is actually an acronym for Professional Organizing Solutions Serving Everyone…Who Wants to Dwell, Sell or Move!

iCan: Who tends to call on your services?
JM: Most of POSSE’s clients are overwhelmed with the process and prospect of getting their houses de-cluttered and functional. Additionally, many Realtors® will call on our services while trying to help their client’s properly prepare their properties for Open Houses.

iCan: When you get an engagement, what’s the first thing you do – and what will it cost?
JM: POSSE starts off every new project with a Needs Assessment.  During this “Walk & Talk” the client’s goals, time frame and scope of project is determined and a package of organizing hours are discussed afterwards. Our price structure is simple: Needs Assessment $79 / Power Hours $295 /5-Session Package $1,425 /10-Session Package $2,700.

iCan: Do you do orgaiCannizing or other services for people who want to de-clutter but stay in their house?
JM: Yes, all the time. Many of our clients are not moving but want to “fall in love” with their home again. We always tell our clients that the faster they can make decisions, the quicker the progress. In a 3-hour organizing session know as our Power Hours, we can dramatically change a room.

iCan: How do you help people decide what to do with their stuff?iCan
JM: It all depends on what they want…are they trying to set up a home office, kitchen, garage, moving, doing a renovation, getting the home ready to “age in place”? If we know their goals for their spaces and places they want organized, everything becomes categorical such as donate, sell, belongs elsewhere, keep, shred, recycle, toss etc. I also always have my Decluttering Resource List available and we see what makes sense for their heartstrings and their pocketbook relative to letting go of their “stuff”.

iCan: And if they can’t…there’s always iCan!iCan