We’ve heard it from customer after customer: they need a portable storage container, but the big national company they called took a look at their home on Google Maps and said sorry, can’t do it. Then they called iCan. And iCan…can. How? Amazing skills – and our iBot.

What’s an iBot? It’s a piece of equipment that turns an iCan into a vehicle by attaching wheels to one side and a power unit to the other. Take a look at these photos. iBot allows us to put an iCan where others can’t. Check out these deliveries:

This house in the Bronx sits a sidewalk crack away from its neighbor. Our talented driver Mikey was able to set an iCan down with about an inch of clearance on each side:

iCan Bronx

Ditto this job in Saddle Brook. When you can turn an iCan into a vehicle, you can pretty much drive it like a minibus (at least when you have iCan level skills).

iCan Saddle Brook

Here’s another Bronx job with tight clearances all around:

iCan Bronx

Clifton sounds spacious but iCan had to share a little space with the car for this delivery, placing it exactly where the client wanted it so the doors were exactly lined up with the house’s side door and shimming it level:

iCan Clifton
Apartment complex with just one spot to your name? No problem. We’ve snugged iCans into parking lot spots like this one in Mahwah and whisked them away before the condo association’s rules kicked in.
iCan Mahwah

iBot even goes off road! This store owner in New City is thrilled with his extra storage space:

iCan New City

This Irvington homeowner wanted us to go only half off-road. We aim to please – and aim to avoid your trees!

iCan Irvington

When we do an iBot delivery, the client – and their neighbors! – come out to watch. And now it’s your turn:

So if you’ve got a tight spot but need more space, yes iCan.

Want to learn more about what sets iCan apart from the rest, companies such as MiBox1-800-Pack-RatGo Mini’s, and Units? Contact us – we are more than happy to talk about the benefits and advantages of iCan’s mobile storage systems!