Thinking about selling your home?

selling your home

Sure, a large percentage of home sellers schedule their sales to close consistent with the school year, but that means NOW is the time to list it. Realtors will tell you that January and February are busy months, so if you’re considering a sale, it’s a great time to start packing.

Pack now, you say? Yes! Your realtor will also tell you that if you stage your home for sale, it will bring a higher price. That means packing away so many things that make your house your home, so your buyers can envision themselves living there. At iCan, we call it “pre-packing” and it’s a smart way to clean up and clear out space. Best of all, when you use iCan you don’t have to pack twice. When you move, we’ll just bring your stuff to your new place, and pretty soon you’ll be making your new house your home too.

So if you’re considering a sale, we recommend that when you take down the holiday decorations, keep going. Start pre-packing and be ready to list in the new year.

Meanwhile, Happy Holidays!