Using portable storage to move homes is a hybrid between complete DIY (renting that truck!) and full-service movers. We believe it’s the future of moving, and our guest blogger, Michael Johnson, the inventor of the Horizontal Lift system proudly used by iCan Storage, explains why.

The Future of Moving

Top Benefits of Using Portable Storage over a U-Haul™ Rental

If you are over the age of 35 and have ever moved to a new or different location, you have probably rented a U-Haul™ truck to move your household items. U-Haul™ started in 1945 and has been going strong ever since. Until now, the do-it-yourselfers haven’t had many options available to them other than a few other truck rental companies, like U-Haul™. Today, however, the mobile storage container industry gives that do-it-yourself market segment other options and more flexibility.

1. The Convenience of Mobile Storage: Let’s compare U-Haul™, or any other similar rental truck, to the mobile storage container option. For example, if you close on your old house and have to be out in a day and you already have a new house that is ready to move into, a U-Haul™ truck is not a bad option at all. But what if you have to be out of your old house at closing and your new house will not be ready for a couple of weeks or longer? With U-Haul™ or a similar rental truck, you will have to find a self-storage facility, unload the truck there, and in a couple of weeks or longer you will have to rent another truck, reload it, and take it to your new house to unload. In this situation, you will have loaded and unloaded the truck twice. With the mobile storage container industry, your move is far simpler and with fewer steps. You load the container once, store it at their facility until needed, and unload the container at your new destination. You have saved time, money, your back, and friendships – as only a really good friend would help you load and unload your furniture twice. A mobile storage container option is superior when time is not on your side and you need storage. The mobile storage container industry is also favorable in situations where you need temporary storage for newly purchased furnishings that you want to store while waiting to move into your new home, or, when you are putting your house on the market to sell and need to clear out some items to better market your house. Again, you load the storage container once, and unload it at your destination.Mobile Storage Container:

2. The Ease of Unloading a Mobile Storage Container: Another factor to consider when comparing a rental truck move to the mobile storage container industry is the ease of loading and unloading, and the actual delivery of your goods to their final destination. When moving with a rental truck, because the box is on the chassis of the truck and off the ground, there are usually ramps or steps involved in loading and unloading the truck. Of course, anytime you are moving heavy items up and down ramps or steps the possibility of an accident or injury increases, especially when you get tired. When moving using a mobile storage container, the storage container is set on the ground and all of your items are loaded at ground-level with no ramps or steps. This is easier on those carrying the household goods, and tremendously decreases the possibility of injury.

3. Finally, with a rental truck, getting your loaded truck to your destination is your responsibility. You are under the gun to get to your destination, unload the truck and get it back to the rental store before you get charged for another day. With a rental truck, time is money. On top of the stress of moving, now you are dealing with traffic, driving a vehicle you are not familiar or comfortable with, and the logistics of the move. The mobile storage container move is a much different scenario. The mobile storage company delivers the storage container to your home, you load it at your convenience and pace, call them to pick it up when loaded, and they deliver it to your new destination when you need it. A professional is handling the pick-up and delivery of your possessions and dealing with the vehicle, traffic, and logistics of your move. And, as an added bonus, they can even store your goods if needed.

Mobile Storage is the Future of Moving

We believe that mobile moving and storage will dominate the moving industry in the near future. While there might always be a U-Haul™ or other truck rental businesses, once people see the advantages of mobile storage containers, the moving industry landscape will change dramatically in favor of mobile storage. A mobile storage container is less work because you are loading a container once and unloading it once; is more convenient because the mobile storage container businesses offer storage at their facilities; is safer because the container is at ground-level with no ramps or steps; and finally, is less stressful because a professional driver is safely delivering your belongings to your new destination.