Ever wonder what home stagers do? Or whether it makes a difference when you’re selling your home?

Recently, iCan Storage participated in “Take It or Leave It.” Directed at Realtors®, it combined the talents of several affiliate members of Bergen County’s Association of Realtors®, and was designed to show the difference that proper preparation makes in selling a home.

Our canvas was the home above. Enter Timeless Decor to stage and rearrange; POSSE Partners to organize, Photography by Sky to shoot the before-and-after, Booth Movers to professionally pack and move the furniture, iCan Storage to provide a storage container for the things the homeowner saves, and Sir Junk for the things the homeowner can dump. Voila – a house transformed.





While the transformation was clear to see, many people wondered how junk removal works. We spoke with Sir Junk himself, Alex Stein, to get some answers.


How does your service work?

SIR JUNK is a full-service junk removal company, which means that we come into our customers’ homes or businesses and take away whatever they need removed. Our price is based on how much volume the junk takes up in our truck and includes all of the loading, lifting and dumping. We also try to recycle and donate whenever possible.

Who uses your service and why?

A lot of people use our service when they are moving or downsizing and need to get rid of a bunch of “stuff” all at once. Other times our customers want to clean out certain rooms in their homes, whether it be a garage, attic or basement, just to clear up some space. While it’s possible to get rid of junk in a dumpster, our service includes the manpower and moving expertise which our customers appreciate. Plus, we are able to get the job done in a very timely manner, so our customers don’t have to deal with having a dumpster sitting in front of their home or business, creating an eyesore for the neighbors.

What is something about your line of work that people wouldn’t know?

A lot of people who haven’t used a junk removal service don’t really know all that junk removal entails. From the work of getting the furniture out of the house to how expensive things can be to dispose of, we want to educate our prospective customers so they understand why we offer such a great option. Some junk removal companies might offer lower prices, but might not come equipped with all the necessary licenses and insurances. We try to do things the right way, giving our customers the piece of mind that they are dealing with professionals, while still offering discounted prices.

What have you found as some of the major benefits of being a local (non-franchise) business?

We know the area very well and felt that we could offer a service that would resonate with the people of Bergen County, who want to deal with a provider that is both professional and cost effective. It is a huge benefit that we do not have to pay franchise fees. We offer the same service and have the same sized truck as some of our national competitors, but can pass those saSir Junkvings directly to our customers in the form of lower prices, which are often 25% less than the franchises.

What are some of the challenges?

Despite our excellent service and prices, there is always the challenge of starting from square one and building a brand. I think we have a very compelling story, but need to connect with a customer base so when people are making the decision of getting junk removed, they know SIR JUNK will do a top notch job and offer substantial savings. Despite the challenge, SIR JUNK is up to the task!

Good story about your work?

While we always try to have an idea of what to expect at jobs, you never know exactly what you’re going to find and that’s part of the fun! One time we went to a job and the customer was getting rid of his sword collection. He had all of these replica swords that looked like something you’d see on “Game of Thrones.” It’s very cool to see things like that.