Choosing the right storage unit is imperative to keeping your goods in perfect condition. There are a number of factors to consider when deciding on the right storage unit for you, including determining whether climate-controlled storage units or non-climate controlled units are the most suitable option. For most instances, non-climate controlled storage is adequate, but there are rare exceptions when storing valuable antiques or instruments for example.

We discuss these storage units in more detail to help you understand more about each option and choose the right one for you.


What is the Difference Between Climate Controlled vs Non-Climate Controlled Storage Units?

Whilst both climate controlled and non-climate controlled storage units both offer a viable solution to storing items outside of your home, there are some key differences. Depending on what it is that you’re storing and where, you may, in some circumstances, need to rent a climate-controlled unit. This will regulate the temperature and ensure the items inside the unit don’t fall victim to climate-induced wear and tear.

What is Climate Controlled Storage?

Climate controlled storage is a type of storage unit that uses smart technology to keep the temperature within the unit steady. In winter, there is heating that keeps the unit warm, and in summer, the unit is cooled to avoid overheating.

What is Non-Climate Controlled Storage?

Non-climate controlled storage units are a standard type of container for storage. They don’t have heating or air conditioning and therefore don’t maintain a constant temperature. This means during summer they can become hot and during winter they can get cold.

What are you Storing?

Whether or not climate controlled storage units will be the best option for you will largely depend on what you’re storing. Most everyday items can be stored in non-controlled units without any risk of harm or deterioration. If you’re looking to store items such as basic furniture or knickknacks, non-climate controlled units will absolutely be sufficient. However, there are often rare exceptions whereby a controlled climate may be required. 

If you’re looking to store items such as valuable antiques, musical instruments, or similar items that need very careful handling and protection, you may need a more kid gloves approach. This means keeping them in the right conditions, and ensuring the temperature remains stable. In this instance, climate controlled units would be the best solution.

How Long are you Storing Your Items?

The length of time you need to store items will also dictate which type of unit wil be best. If you’re looking for a short-term solution for only a few weeks and it’s at a time of the year where the temperature is consistent and moderate, a non-controlled unit can do the job at hand.

However, if you’re looking for a longer-term solution, such as over the course of a number of months or a year, a climate controlled unit could be a more suitable option. This is because in addition to climate control, controlled units also tend to offer better protection against dust and debris, keeping your items in good condition and free from damage or contamination. This is especially important for electronics and fabrics.

With that said, iCan has customers that have stored their belongings in our containers, outdoors, for multiple years, without any issues or problems.

Need Help Deciding on Your Storage Options? Contact us for Help

As mentioned, non-climate controlled storage solutions will work for most situations. They provide safe, protective areas to store your home contents, furniture, appliances and much more. 

However, if you’re still unsure what type of unit could be best for you, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to advise you. Call now on 888-543-iCAN (4226), or send your enquiry to and we’ll be in touch shortly.