Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. Toggle each question for the appropriate answer.

When would I need portable storage?

Are you renovating your home? Pack your possessions safely away while the contractors work. Are you selling? Your realtor will tell you to de-clutter and stage it for sale, in an iCan. Downsizing, but still have good stuff you want to keep? iCan. What about a flood or disaster? Your restoration company will want an iCan to store your undamaged items while they work in your home. Need to empty a family home? Save everything for later with iCan. Are you between homes? Store with iCan and we’ll bring it to your new place when you’re ready. Students coming home from college with all their stuff? Put it on hold in an iCan until they figure out their next plan. Or do you just want to finally put the car in the garage? iCan!

How exactly does this work?

It’s pretty simple. iCans are steel containers designed to safely store your stuff. You call us and tell us when and where you need an iCan, and what size you need. They’re all 8 feet wide by 8 feet high, but they come in 2 lengths, 16 feet or 20 feet. The 16s hold 3-4 rooms, and the 20s hold 4-5 rooms. We drop it off and you pack your things it at your convenience. You can keep it at your place as long as you want, or have us move it to our secure storage facility. When you need your stuff – whether you need it back at your old place or moved to a new place, give us a call and we’ll move it where you need it. Pretty simple, right?

What makes iCan different?

We can go on and on but here’s some highlights:

  • 20′ containers available (most places only have up to 16′)
  • Doors on both ends (most places have only 1 sided doors)
  • Barn doors (most places have garage-style roll up doors)
  • iBot delivery system – we can go off-road to place the container where you want it
  • Rubberized non-skid floors
  • Family owned and operated – not a franchise – we’re a local small family run business
What makes iCan better than the other guys?

We LOVE that question. It’s too long to go into here, so click here. to see how iCan compares to companies like PODs and U Haul.

What makes container moving such a great option?

Let’s start with convenience. Ever rent a truck to move something yourself? Pick it up, drive it, lift all your heavy stuff up into it, drive it, unload all that heavy stuff, and bring it back to a rental office right away — please. Not so much fun. With iCan we drop it off, you pack it when you want, and we’ll take it wherever you’re ready. Easy peasy.

What can I put in an iCan?

Better question: what can’t you put in an iCan? As nice as it is, you can’t live in an iCan, and you really wouldn’t want to use it for your priceless Picasso. And items such as combustibles (propane/fuel tanks, paint and etc) or perishables (food items) create a potentially dangerous or harmful situation so we can’t allow those in an iCan either.

Can you give me a specific time for my appointment?

We usually work within a 2 hour delivery window but our delivery team will call you if we are running late.

Do I have to be home when you deliver my iCan?

Aww, you don’t want to meet us? We love to say hi to our customers, and answer any questions you have at drop-off so it’s really best if you’re there, but we get it, we work too. So let’s talk so we’re all on the same page about where you want your iCan, and if you can grab some driveway chalk and show us exactly where you want it, even better. Please make sure we have authorization to access your location (like in a gated community) and make sure to electronically sign our lease in advance so we’re all set.

How much room do you need to deliver my iCan?

Here’s where we rock – again. Other portable storage companies need anywhere from 30 to 50 feet to fit maneuver their truck and drop their container, or something like 12 feet in width to drop it in a parking lot spot. That means you have to annoy your neighbors to move their cars, or maybe you can’t even use the other guys’ containers at all because your parking area is too small. With iCan, our Small Spaces System needs only the square footage your iCan will occupy, plus a couple of feet for our iBot to maneuver it into place.

Can I keep it in my driveway for any amount of time?

You can rent an iCan for as long or as short as you want, but we definitely recommend you check with your city, village or town to see if they have any regulations on it. A quick Google search or a call to your condo association should give you the answer.

How do I schedule delivery of a container?

Please call our customer service team at 888-543-4226.

Is there a charge for accessing my stuff if it’s in the warehouse?

Does that sound like a nice thing to do? Charge you to visit your own stuff? Na – no charge.

How do I move an iCan?

You don’t – we do. That’s one of the reasons we’re better than renting a truck, right? iCan uses the patented Horizontal Lift System and you’re gonna love watching this. The Horizontal Lift is a hydraulic mechanism that lifts a fully-loaded iCan and, without tilting or rolling it, loads it onto our truck. This minimizes the shifting of your contents – but you still have to pack it well. Then our excellent drivers transport your iCan either to our warehouse or to your next location.

I miss my stuff. Can I visit?

Not really. Unlike self-storage, where you get a gate code and can come and go, portable is designed to be visited on your site, not ours. Once it comes home to iCan, we tuck it away and keep it safe and sound. If it’s a dire emergency, we can retrieve it, but we would need 48-72 hours notice to make it accessible. But don’t forget your key, because we don’t have one! Want to take it home for a visit? No problem, that’s what portable is designed for. We’ll deliver, and take it back when you’re ready to say good bye again. But we have to charge you for that, just FYI.

Is there a fee every time my storage containers are brought to my home?

Yes, a delivery fee does apply each time you request delivery of your storage containers to your home from the warehouse. But remember, you can also access your containers at our warehouse at no charge with one business day’s notice.

How do I pack an iCan?

Check out our packing tips and watch this cool video – these guys are good. iCan has vertical metal struts for the most flexibility in placing your tie-downs and securing your stuff. And if you’re not sure about your skills, we offer insurance on your contents.

How long can I take to load or unload my containers?

As much time as you like. The container is rented month-to-month. The only difference is, if you choose our “live unload” option, we ask that you empty the container within two hours while our driver waits.

Is my stuff safe?

Of course. Our containers are constructed of solid steel, with secure locking doors – and you’re the only one with the key. If you want to keep it in our storage facility, that’s safe too, with our locked entries, automatic sprinkler system, security system, and video surveillance. Our storage facility provides the optimal climate conditions for your belongings, between 55 and 80 degrees with low humidity. You’re still the only one with the key.

How tough is an iCan?

iCans are solidly constructed of powder-coated steel, including the roof (translucent plastic that admits light sounds great, until your upholstery fades from the sun.) The heavy-duty steel frames, walls and locking, weatherstripped doors of our units offer durable protection that wooden and plastic containers can’t. Embedded metal skids give 4” of clearance to keep your stuff off the ground and dry. And metal construction (instead of wood) prevents absorption of moisture into the storage container and your stuff. Shielded, screened vents allow airflow while protecting against weather and insects. And our slip-resistant rubberized floor adds another level of protection, so you don’t slip and slide as you move your things in and out. Here’s the best part: we have real doors, not roll doors, and they’re on both sides of the iCan. Because you just know the thing you packed first is going to be the thing you unexpectedly need to get to. Piece of cake – open the back door! Whew.

What areas do you service?

Our local delivery services all of the tri-state metropolitan area including Rockland, Westchester, Orange, Sullivan, Dutchess and Putnam counties. That means in Jersey we’ll go to Bergen, Passaic, Essex, Hudson, Union, Middlesex, Morris, Somerset – all the counties from Sussex to Cape May, all in a day’s work.

Do you offer long distance moves?

Sorry – we don’t. We are a locally based company and hey, why would you want to leave the northeast anyway?

What’s this “live unload” all about?

If you’re planning to move a considerable distance away, you may notice your quote contains a “live unload” option that will save you money. This means that rather than iCan dropping your container off at your new home and returning for it days, weeks or months later, you can save money by unloading it while the driver waits, within two hours. It saves you money because it saves us time. This option is not available (or even desirable) for every move. We only offer it if it will give you a significant savings. At iCan, we’re looking out for you!

What are the exact exterior dimensions of your iCan units?

iCan’s exterior container measurements are: 20′ unit-231″L x 93″W x 96″H and 16′ unit-192″L x 93″W x 96″H. We don’t need a whole lot of room beyond that, but if you’ve got a really tight spot and are unsure, let’s talk and we can look at satellite views together and figure out the best solution for you.