iCan VS PODS® Portable Storage And Moving Units in Rockland County


image of a house with an iCan storage portable storage container outsideBeautiful Rockland County, NY. Home of the Rockland Boulders Can-Am Baseball team, half of the Tappan Zee Bridge (we are old school), and magnificent Harriman State Park. We love Rockland; it’s the home of our portable storage container business and our own home as well. If you’re moving to Rockland, welcome! If you want to rent a pod® and are considering moving pods® or storage pods® to help you with your move, we would recommend our portable storage units as a perfect solution for all your needs.

One of the things we love about Rockland is our large lot sizes and wide driveways, which means there’s plenty of room for an iCan mobile storage containers (sometimes we’ll see a POD® on someone’s driveway and think, “Guys! Think how much prettier an iCan would look!”) But even if you live in one of our beautiful condo developments, you can still use an iCan as long as your Homeowner’s Association agrees, because thanks to our iBot system, we can put iCan containers for storage in your parking lot spot. And ask our Nyack clients how we’ve manoeuvred down the hill to the waterfront or our Piermont folks about how we’ve found all the work-arounds to avoid the hairpin turn on Ash Street.

Portable Storage Units

Below you can see a comparison: iCan vs Renting a Pod®.

iCan vs PODS® in Rockland County, NY


Here is a comparison if you consider renting a POD® in Orange County.

iCan vs PODS® Comparison List
All Steel Construction - Frames, Doors and WallsYesNo
Locking Doors on Both EndsYesNo
Waterproof, Slip-Resistant FloorsYesNo
Patented Horizontal Lift SystemYesNo
No Rush to Return RentalYesYes
Twenty Foot Size AvailableYesNo
Ground Level LoadingYesYes
Leave the Driving to UsYesYes



iCan vs PODS® Comparison List
All Steel Construction - Frames, Doors and WallsYesNo
Locking Doors on Both Ends YesNo
Waterproof, Slip-Resistant Floors YesNo
Patented Horizontal Lift System YesNo
No Rush to Return Rental YesYes
Twenty Foot Size Available YesNo
Ground Level Loading YesYes
Leave the Driving to Us YesYes


Moving? iCan Storage is a better solution than Moving PODS ®

A container is a container and a delivery truck is a delivery truck, right? Nope. First off, Moving PODS® from PODS® have 1 roll-up door. We give you 2 barn doors. You have better access and more light to organize and arrange. Second, the Podzilla® truck that delivers your Moving PODS® from PODS® requires approximately 12.5 feet to place the container. Our deliver system only requires 9 feet – a significant advantage when you are placing an iCan (instead of a Moving POD®) into a condo development link Bon Aire in Suffern.

Storing at your location? iCan Storage is a better solution than Storage PODS®

A Storage POD® from PODS®, according to their website, have steel beams, aluminum skin and vinyl semi-transparent roofs. iCan Storage portable storage containers are made of steel. When a container stays onsite for an extended period of time, you want the maximum protection for your items from the elements. We believe our all-steel containers have a significant advantage over Storage PODs® from PODS®.

Store iCan at Home or at Our Warehouse

Even if you don’t have room (or permission) to keep an iCan container for storage at your house, we can easily bring it back to our warehouse – that’s the portable part of our portable storage units. It still saves you the trouble when you decide to rent a POD® or renting a U-Haul®, packing it up, driving it to a self-storage facility, unloading the U-Haul®, returning the U-Haul®, and then doing it all again in reverse when you’re ready to welcome back your stuff. Best of all, since our warehouse is located in Congers, NY, delivery anywhere in Rockland County will be at our standard base delivery rate (which covers 25 miles from our warehouse). This makes it a better option than renting a POD® or using U-Haul® services.

That includes:


  • Clarkstown
  • Haverstraw
  • Orangetown
  • Ramapo
  • Stony Point


  • Airmont
  • Chestnut Ridge
  • Grand View-on-Hudson
  • Haverstraw
  • Hillburn
  • Kaser
  • Montebello
  • New Hempstead
  • New Square
  • Nyack
  • Piermont
  • Pomona
  • Sloatsburg
  • South Nyack
  • Spring Valley
  • Suffern
  • Upper Nyack
  • Wesley Hills
  • West Haverstraw


  • Bardonia
  • Blauvelt
  • Congers
  • Hillcrest
  • Monsey
  • Mount Ivy
  • Nanuet
  • New City
  • Orangeburg
  • Pearl River
  • Sparkill
  • Tappan
  • Thiells
  • Valley Cottage
  • Viola
  • West Nyack

iCan Storage is your local portable storage container provider. You receive ultimate convenience and flexibility with us for all of your moving and storage requirements. With iCan, you will enjoy a stress-free moving and storage experience in Rockland County. Contact us today at info@icanstorage.com or by calling 888-543-iCAN (4226) to learn more about our solutions.

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