Getting ready to move? Thinking about a portable storage container instead of traditional movers? Advantage: portable, because you can load and unload at your own pace. Plus, if you have some time in between the move, it’s a lot more cost effective to store your stuff in an iCan than having movers load, unload, reload, and unload again.

Here are some tips to help make the experience the best it can be.

Plan in AdvanceTip 1: Plan in Advance

Depending on the season, anywhere from two days to a week should do. During spring and summer, advance planning is key, and calling iCan at least a week in advance can get you on the schedule exactly when YOU want it. Since we don’t process your credit card until the day before, you’re not incurring charges until you’re ready.


Tip 2: Don’t Underestimate the Space You Will Need

Don't Underestimate the Space You Will NeedA 16′ iCan holds 3-4 rooms, or about the average one-bedroom apartment. A typical distribution of furniture, clothing, and boxes will work just fine within the weight limit of 7,000 pounds; as long as you’re not planning on putting in 500 cartons of books or enough workshop tools to open a furniture factory, you should be just fine.

This nifty space estimator can be helpful, but if you find you’ve underestimated, just give us a call. Chances are we can get another unit out to you so you can keep your move going smoothly.


iBinsTip 3: Paper or Plastic?

For your convenience, iCan sells packing supplies like cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, unprinted newsprint and the like, but consider this: if your move doesn’t involve months of storage, iBins can save time, money and the environment. iCan rents iBins: large plastic returnable boxes with self-closing lids that make packing a breeze. And when you rent iBins in conjunction with an iCan, you get the bins for the whole month at the two-week price.


Tip 4: Pack Well

Moving suppliesiCan also offers a moving kit,consisting of a hand truck, a shoulder dolly (wait till you see THAT bad boy in action!), moving blankets and ratchet tie downs. While our systems lift and load levelly, the minute we go up a hill, well, your stuff goes uphill too, so tie downs are essential. You’ll also need a pair of locks to secure the doors conveniently located on both ends of the unit. Once again, iCan can save you the trip to the hardware store. Just ask for locks and we’ll bring them with your iCan.


iCan delivery dogTip 5: Consider Meeting the Driver When We Deliver Your iCan

We review the placement with you in great detail using Google maps, so you don’t really NEED to be home. But if you’re there, great – the driver will give you a little tour of your iCan, including showing you tips on how to latch the doors securely and use the T-catches to keep them open. Plus, chances are you’ll get to meet Charlie, the iCan delivery dog!


Tip 6: Help Others

As you pack, leave a few cardboard boxes in the garage, and if you decide you don’t need an item, put it in the “donate” box. Schedule a pickup in advance through a company like Vietnam Veterans of America and know that your stuff is going to a good new home – just like you!


Bonus Tip: Shop Small and Choose iCan!

Our family-owned and operated business will make a real difference in your move. You’ll get good, honest advice, prompt, professional service, and friendly, courteous people to work with. But don’t take our word for it: read our reviews. And once you do, well – we’ll talk to you soon!