Spring is here and that means it’s time to emerge from hibernation. But when you do – what do you see? Is there something about your home that can use sprucing up? Updating? Or maybe you’ve been indoors so long that now you KNOW you need to renovate the indoor space. Portable storage can help!

Before you welcome the contractors and start teaTime to Renovatering down walls, think about how you’re going to keep your stuff safe. After all, once your living room is exposed to the outdoors, your furniture is NOT going to do well.

And there’s another concern: while your contractor is surely going to be as careful as humanly possible while making his way through your home, there’s still a chance that tools, buckets, and 2x4s are could bump into your Ming vase. And who wants that?!

The solution? Portable storage! One call to iCan, and a clean, weatherproof, secure container lands at your doorstep – or more likely, in your driveway. Then all you need to do is pack away everything that might be in harm’s way when the walls come down, and put your worries to bed.

Discover what sets iCan storage containers apart from the rest, companies such as 1-800-Pack-Rat, MiBox, Go Mini’s, and Units, contact us as we are more than happy to talk about the benefits and advantages of iCan’s mobile storage systems.