Container Storage Units New York NY


Water damage, humidity, pests, and “Where on earth did I put that document?” moments; your files are susceptible to many different threats of damage and displacement. No need to worry – iCan Storage has archiving storage solutions for all your file storage needs. Whether you need to store legal documents, accounting files, or family records, you will find our mobile storage containers perfect for your archiving needs. Proudly serving New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and surrounding areas.

Smart Container Storage Units

Made from powder-coated steel and featuring solid steel locking doors and shielded vents that allow airflow while protecting against the elements, our expertly-designed container storage units are ideal for storing important documents and files.

Solid construction prevents water absorption while providing enhanced security, and our all-steel frames, walls and doors protect against sun damage. Unlike other container storage units, iCans have two doors – front and back – to allow easy access to your files. Embedded metal skids provide 4” of clearance to keep your storage documents off the ground and dry.

Secure Storage Facility

Once loaded into your iCan portable container storage unit, your items can either be stored at your location so you have 24/7 access, or in our security-enhanced storage facility. With features such as recorded video surveillance and automatic sprinkler systems, you can rest assured that your files will be protected.

Affordable tenant insurance plans are also available for added peace of mind.

Instead of stuffing your important documents and files in a box only to be forgotten in some dark and damp basement, let New York based iCan Storage take expert care of your stored files.