The reality is that most of us have more stuff than we can store in our living spaces. You may yourself needing a storage pod to to tuck away items that just won’t fit in your home.

But is there a method to the madness of storing all your extra stuff? You bet there is!

The folks Next Door Self Storage at have put together some visuals on how to store items properly, things such as electronics, clothing jewelry, furniture and so much more.

Individual items are featured below along with a full size infographic at the bottom of this post.

Household Items

Storing Clothing

Storing Dishes

Storing Electronics

Storing Facial Creams

Storing Furniture

Storing Jewelry

Storing Makeup and Nail Polish

Storing Medication

Storing Vinyl Records

Food & Perishables

Storing Bread

Storing Diary

Storing Meat

Storing Beer

Storing Liquor

Storing Wine

Storing Fresh Herbs

Storing Fruits and Vegetables

Storing Spices

Here is the full infographic.

How To Store Everything