Student Moving Services

iCan Storage Moving Services for Students

Studying for exams, completing mountains of coursework, and participating in extracurricular activities while maintaining a healthy social life can be a lot of work. On top of all that, students have the eventual and unavoidable task of packing up and moving at the end of every school year. Why not rent a mobile storage unit from iCan Storage and make your college life a whole lot easier?

With iCan portable storage containers, you can pack up your furniture, clothing and personal items at your own pace, then load it into the portable storage unit right outside your door. You can even round up a couple of friends and share the cost. No need to make the parents rent a truck, drive to your school, and race against the clock to get all of it home, clutter the garage all summer, and get the truck back on time – and then do it all in reverse when school starts again. With iCan, you can leave it all behind – until next semester, when we’ll bring it all back.