Containers for Storage New York NY

iCan Contractor Services

Are you a contractor? Are you looking for portable storage and moving services to make your job (and your life) a whole lot easier? Good – then you are in the right place! Containers for storage from iCan Storage are expertly designed for maximum security and easy accessibility, making them perfect for contractors. Whether you need a short-term storage option for equipment on the job or a place to pack and move client belongings while you work in their home, iCan provides convenient contractor solutions, serving New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and surrounding areas.

Why work outdoors and pack up your tools every day when you can have iCan portable containers for storage onsite? Our mobile storage containers can be delivered and picked up with minimum clearance – just a few feet on either side – using our iBot Small Spaces System, and lifted out of the way with minimal shifting using our patented Horizontal Lift System. Once in place, use them for secure storage of tools, materials, equipment or as a temporary work space. Our portable storage containers have two secure, locking doors – one on the front and one on the back, for easy access.

Finish the job? Give us a call and we’ll pick up your iCan containers for storage and deliver it to your next client site. Convenient, secure and accessible – contractor services are made simple with New York based iCan Storage.