We have a love-hate relationship with cardboard boxes. They’re an essential part of moving and let’s face it, sometimes they’re absolutely necessary, like for things that are going to stay boxed and put in basement or attic storage.

Problem is, they’re horribly wasteful for the stuff we’re going to unpack right away (the average cardboard box is only reused once or twice before being thrown out).

Packing tape is annoying when you have to constantly play “find the end,” and at the end of it all, even throwing the boxes away is irritating – breaking them down, stacking them and wrapping them for the recycling truck. There has to be a better way.

XLarge iBinAnd now there is. Introducing iBins from iCan Storage.Large iBins

iBins are large plastic storage boxes with interlocking lids that you rent, pack, move, and return. Price-wise, they blow cardboard away because we rent them cheap. Convenience-wise, they’re great because the interlocking lids close without taping. Packing-wise, they stack like Legos so they’re easy to put into an iCan. Best of all – you can save the earth at the same time.

If all of that was not good enough, consider that unlike companies like Boxup®, Gorilla BinsBin-It, and Jugglebox, we deliver outside of New York City.

iBins – yes, iCan. Because cardboard, well, just can’t.